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India to receive U.K.-backed support for food security research

Britain and India will be teaming up on a new research initiative aimed at improving the sustainability of staple food crops and tackling other global hunger issues around India and the rest of the developing world.

"Millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are dependent on staple crops such as maize and rice both as a source of food and income. If disease or difficult growing conditions limit their harvest then the consequences can be devastating, with families unable to afford medical care or school fees, and children at real risk of becoming malnourished," U.K. Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development Stephen O'Brien told MSN India.

According to the news source, the research will look for ways to stabilize such crops by making them more resistant to disease and other stresses.

Agricultural technology developers that aim to improve crop predictability are also taking climate change into account. For example, scientists from at least 12 countries have been working to develop improved agricultural water management, according to the FAO website.
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