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Japanese youth are volunteering to help

Japanese youth, in their early to mid 20's, have been involved in significant volunteering efforts in the country after the March 11 earthquake, according to NPR News.

The 9.0 Japanese quake continues to be followed by aftershocks and troubles concerning nuclear power plant damages. In the meantime, students such as Kenta Umeda, 25, and his friends Naoya, 23, and Satoko, 23, have been volunteering in activities ranging from cleaning garbage to aid coordination.

"Instead of having this kind of derisive discourse where young people are negatively judged for choices they make, they may be lauded for volunteer activity they're contributing at this time of need," Kyle Cleveland, a
sociologist at Temple University in Japan, told the news source.

Some students use social networking to attract people who wish to help. Others are bringing technology along as they work to clean up areas damaged by the quake.

In the weeks following the quake, many of those living in the U.S. donated to Japanese relief funds by giving money through their smartphones.

Kenta Umeda says that he loaded his iPod with music before he set out to do his volunteer work. 
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