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Kenya expresses interest in using science and technology to increase food security

Kenya's officials have expressed an interest in using science and technology breakthroughs to bolster food production and adapt to sustainable farming methods in the nation, according to a statement released Tuesday. reports that Permanent Secretary David Nalo in the Ministry of East Africa Community (EAC) stressed the importance of transitioning from subsistence farming to sustainable agriculture that takes the world's climate change conditions into account and offers more surplus for export.

According to the news source, Nalo pointed out that the 38 million people who live near Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water lake in the world, experience extreme poverty due to a lack of clean drinking water. forecasts that Kenya's food situation over the next six months is precarious due to droughts, but it can be allayed.

"While the long rains are likely to improve the food security of many of the pastoral and marginal agricultural farming households from April through June, recovery from the current drought will take a significant amount of time," the website reports.
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