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Kenyan farmers aid those in famine-stricken northeastern Kenya with produce donations

The saying "neighbors helping neighbors" rings true in Kenya as farmers from the fertile Rift Valley Province share food with their drought-stricken neighbors in the East Pokot District, IRIN reports.

Farmers in the Rift Valley Province, who do not have money to donate to the cause, are doing their best to help other Kenyans facing drought and famine by offering their excess produce to them. According to the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), farmers have donated over 500 bags of potatoes, cabbages, carrots and butternuts in an attempt to aid those in need.

"What use will it be for me to feed cabbages to my livestock, which already have enough pasture, while other Kenyans are starving?" Peter Kamau, a farmer in Dundori, Nyandarua County, asked the news outlet.

These gifts are not all from people with excess food, but rather just concerned citizens who want to help.

"Some of the farmers who donate food do not necessarily have excess harvest, they just sacrifice to support drought-stricken Kenyans; a mother could donate two or three cabbages just to participate in feeding other hungry Kenyans," KRCS South Rift regional manager Patrick Nyongesa told the news outlet.

The donations almost didn't happen, as Special Programmes Minister Esther Murugi told the news outlet that she thought transporting such perishables would never make it all the way to northern Kenya.

Despite the warnings, humanitarian groups pushed forward to make sure these donations made its way to those in dire need of food.
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