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Madagascar residents still hurting after back to back natural disasters

Citizens of Madagascar continue to suffer after being hit by 2 major tropical storms less than two weeks apart. IRIN reports that the nation was hit by Cyclone Giovanna in late February and again by tropical storm Irina on March 7. The latter storm resulted in 72 deaths and left more than 70,000 people homeless.

According to the source, most of the damage occurred in the southeast region of the country where severe mudslides ravaged towns, destroying homes, businesses and roads. Many structures in the area were already weakened by the March 25 natural disaster.

"Many houses are flooded and people are taking refuge in central locations," John Uniack Davis, the country director of CARE International, a humanitarian group in the area, told the publication. "The population is at great risk from crop loss and people might well lose their livelihoods."

Davis added that nearly 90 percent of rice paddies in the region have been submerged underwater for more than five days. Now, his team is working to supply people who have lost everything with basic necessities including clean water and food security, while also trying to make the best of the situation at hand.

"We want to provide support to restore people’s self-sufficiency," Davis told the news outlet. "The problem is that it's already quite late in the rice season, so we might not be able to salvage the rice harvest, even when using short-cycle seeds. We might intervene with helping the people grow other kinds of crops." reports that the majority of people in Madagascar farm rice as their livlihood. 
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