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Malnutrition on the rise in Yemen as fighting continues

Violence in the Abyan Governorate and the Arhab District of Sana'a in Yemen could cause a boost in malnutrition in children, IRIN reports.

A survey conducted by humanitarian groups in Yemen found that the global acute malnutrition in children under five was 39 percent, with 8.5 percent being severe cases.

"Yemen could become the next Somalia as child malnutrition is as big as it is in the Horn of Africa," Geert Cappelaere, a UNICEF representative in Yemen, told the news outlet.

The food security issues come after government troops and Islamic militants have been brutally fighting in the regions since May, causing many families to flee with little to no money or goods to survive.

According to data collected by Yemen's official news agency, there are a reported 100,000 displaced people from the Abyan region as of right now.

Aid workers have set up sites to offer those without food a place to go to avoid worsening conditions.

“We have established two therapeutic feeding centres in two government-run hospitals - Wahda Hospital in Aden, and Ibn Khaldoon Hospital in Lahj [governorate adjacent to Abyan] - to treat malnourished child IDPs," Mohammed al-Ebbi, director of UNICEF's Aden office, told the news source.
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