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Many people in Pakistan have no shelter with winter fast approaching

Flooding has devastated the Southern Pakistani province of Sindh since August and although the weather there is still warm, winter will soon be setting in and many are still without adequate shelter, IRIN reports.

"At this time of year, the winds begin to blow from the north rather than the south, and it starts to feel colder at night - especially for all of us sleeping outdoors, with barely a sheet to cover us," Salim Chandio, a Sindh resident, told the publication. "All my three grandchildren have fever and coughs, and we are worried things will get worse if they don't get shelter."

The International Organization of Migration (IOM) said that an upcoming shipment of shelter kits, blankets and other supplies will help 150,000 families without homes.

"This shipment is particularly welcome as it comes at a time when our emergency stocks are nearly exhausted," Tya Maskun, the IOM Pakistan emergency operations manager, told the news outlet. "Thousands of families still need our help and winter is fast approaching."

More than 8,978,665 people have been affected by the flooding, with more than 538,637 homes being completely demolished and more than 900,000 severely damaged, according to the National Disaster Management Authority.

People in the area will need much more help by way of humanitarian groups and international aid to be able to have shelter, clean water and food security this winter. 
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