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Monsoons in Pakistan wreak havoc on 2 million citizens and counting

The number of citizens facing disaster after heavy rains continue to strike Pakistan's southern region is growing, IRIN reports.

Of 23 districts, 15 have been affected by torrential rains that have lasted over a week. The current monsoon has left over 2 million people in need of humanitarian aid, according to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority. Thus far, 85 people have lost their lives, while many others have lost all of their crops and ways to provided for their families.

Last year's devastating monsoon affected 18 million people, many of whom were still recovering as this monsoon struck, the news outlet reports.

"My sugarcane crop, which was ready for harvesting, has been lost. I am still recovering from last year’s losses of crops and livestock," Majeed-ud-Din, from the village Khairpur told the news outlet. "Who knows what will happen now."

As the rain continues, humanitarian groups are coming together to evaluate the best plan of attack to bring aid to those in need in a timely fashion.

"The international humanitarian agencies are likely to be called in soon," a local official in southern Sindh told the news source.

More rains are expected to fall until the end of monsoon season at the end of September.
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