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More predicted droughts bring fear to Ethiopians

Borena, Ethiopia has seen an overwhelming number of droughts in recent months with no end in sight. As the village elders are predicting more lack of rain in October, many are growing worried and contemplating where to go from here, according to IRIN.

With droughts continuing to ravage the country, the U.N. is categorizing Borena as just one step away from famine on a five-point scale.

Members of the Dembi kebele village are not willing to leave their homes without a fight, said chairman of the village, Uka Dida. He added that they are thinking of ways to combat the issue.

"We are thinking of forming cooperatives to pool our money for a difficult time like this," Dida told IRIN. "We are also advising people to invest in goats, which are more drought-tolerant, and maybe give up on cattle now.”

While this is still in the works, others are trying to find daily work in Kenya and bordering towns, though the outlook is just as grim there.

As the country's past two rainy seasons, the first from October to November and the second from February to May, both failed, people are becoming more desperate as food insecurity rises.

Borena, in Ethiopia's Bull Horn region, is one of the most vulnerable zones that is heavily effected by events from climate change. This is the main reason for the instability in the rainy seasons, the International Livestock Research Institution has suggested.

Of the 1.29 million residents in Borena, approximately 412,000 have received food assistance from humanitarian groups thus far.
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