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One woman's efforts changes the lives of so many

The lives of women in the Lebanese village of Wadi al-Jamous in the Akkar District have been changed for the better, thanks to one woman's gift of teaching, IRIN reports.

Khadija Assaad started teaching young girls in her village how to read the Koran seven years ago. Assaad never attended high school or college, but learned how to read and write in primary school.

"I used to do this at home. Then illiterate women in Wadi al-Jamous came up to me - they wanted to learn how to read," Assaad told the news outlet. "I went to see the mayor, Khodr Abdelkader Akkari, who gave us a room in the municipality building. We grew little by little."

Assaad, 42, was never able to have children and she felt stigmatized in her traditional rural community, according to the news outlet. Through teaching women young and old how to read and write, she now has something to be proud of.

In 2008, she set up a humanitarian group called Aleswa-al-hasana, The Good Example, and has been able to teach 120 women how to read and write thus far.

"My whole life changed, as well as the life of women who couldn’t read before attending the classes," Assaad told the news outlet.
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