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Oxfam warns of growing food security problems

A new report from Oxfam indicates that food security problems are likely to worsen as food prices are expected to increase, according to a recent report from Gulf News.

The Oxfam report predicts that food prices could increase by about 100 percent in the next two decades. At the same time, global population growth will contribute to increased demands - measured to be as much as 70 percent more than it is today by the year 2050.

Already this year, many countries have seen political unrest due to rising food prices.

"The price of food has been one of the driving forces as Arab youth have taken to the streets to demand change from the Maghreb to the Arabian Gulf," said Princess Haya Bint Al Hussain, a UN Messenger of Peace who is also married to the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. "You can argue about how much of the turmoil was about economics or politics, but food is the most basic human need. When it is not met, people take action."

World food prices reached a high in April of this year, according to the United Nations. Population growth in countries such as China and India are further putting a strain on demand and prices of vital food crops.
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