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Pakistan food center closes after suicide bombing

A female suicide bomber killed 45 people on Saturday in the northwestern city of Khar, Pakistan, prompting four food relief centers to close temporarily in the Bajaur district.

"This is terrible. I am unemployed, we have no money. My house is still unrepaired and now with the food centers closing I wonder how we will eat," Shahzer Ali told IRIN News.

According to the U.K. Guardian, the Bajaur World Food Programme aid centers typically feed thousands of people affected by the insurgency against the Pakistani military by the tribes of the Afghanistan border.

Approximately 94,000 people have been displaced in the Bajaur region due to the conflicts since an army operation began there in August, 2008. Refugees began to return starting in 2009, but many found that their homes and livelihood were destroyed and are still in need of assistance, IRIN News reports.

The World Food Programme has donated over $1.5 billion to Pakistan since 1968, where at least 45 million Pakistanis are currently estimated to be experiencing severe food insecurity according to a 2008 U.N. assessment.

It is uncertain at this time how long the centers will be closed.
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