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Pakistan's population rate adds to domestic ills

Between militancy issues and a growing disconnect between the government and its people, Pakistan is suffering from many domestic problems. With a soaring population, Pakistan must face the growing prospect of providing food security, healthcare and education to its citizens, according to IRIN News.

The population is expected to reach 191 million by 2015, up from the current total of 170 million. The fertility rate sits at 4.1 children per woman, which reflects the traditional size of a Pakistani family.

"In general, it has been found that where there is rapid population growth and high fertility rates, poverty incidence is also the highest," Rabbi Royan, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) representative in Pakistan told the news source.

One of the main problems is the long-held belief that more children will lead to a higher income, while typically more offspring means more mouths to feed. Additionally, the clash of traditional values with the realities of a 21st century population will likely pose a struggle for Pakistan in the coming years.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, since the increase in food prices in 2008, almost half the population of Pakistan faces food insecurity. 
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