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People in Turalei, Sudan, in need of food and shelter

Due to political instability between the north and south of Sudan, people in the region of Abyei - which is located in a border region - have been forced to flee and are suffering from increasing shortages of food and other supplies, according to a new report from the Washington Post.

"It’s double the number of people we were planning for," Lise Grande, the U.N.’s top humanitarian official in Southern Sudan, told the news source. "We have to face the fact that if they are here for a while then what we have is not enough."

Ayak Adiang is a mother who is facing the prospect that she may run out of food for her children. Adiang's home has been a shelter for others fleeing the violence and she has had to share her already meager rations of food.

"They will consume the little we have," said Adiang about the dozen or so people who have arrived in her home since people began fleeing the violence in Abyei.

According to officials, Turalei has seen a surge of about 40,000 people and estimates range concerning the number of people who have had to leave Abyei. This report puts the Abyei displacement at about 80,000.

An Agence France Presse reports put the number of Abyei displacement at about 60,000. 
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