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People of Pakistan prep for Monsoon season

Devastating flooding last year in Pakistan's northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa left many residents feeling the need to take extra precautions as this years monsoon season begins, IRIN reports.

Although the Meteorological Department has predicted a standard monsoon season this year, many people, like Muhammad Gul, aren't willing to take any chances,

Gul has built a large stone wall around his property in hopes that it will protect it should the rain get out of control again this season, he told the news source.

“My house was badly damaged last year,” he said. “But this year I have put up a wall to protect it."

Last year, the monsoon flooded many parts of the country, affecting over 20 million Pakistani people and killing over 1,200, the news source stated.

The rain seasons have already begun, and the Pakistan Meteorological Department has introduced new strategies to prevent disaster. The department is keeping humanitarian agencies informed and trying to detect problems earlier in order to give residents a chance to seek shelter.

“Two plans for floods have been worked out, including a plan for the worst scenario under which a maximum of six million people could be affected and a likely scenario under which 2.2 million people could be probable victims,” Ahmed Kamal, spokesman for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), told IRIN.
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