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Philippine residents refuse to leave their homes, even after government warnings

Despite warnings from the government, residents in flood-prone areas in the Philippines are refusing to relocate, IRIN reports.

Since Typhoon Nalgae touched down in September, former army general Benito Ramos has been going house to house in the town of Calumpit, urging residents in submerged homes and those camping out on their roofs to evacuate to safer areas in the country. He has been met with "no's" and requests for food items, according to the news outlet.

"It is very frustrating," Ramos told the publication. "You go out to those areas trying to save lives and end up arguing with these people."

In other parts of the nation, similar situations occur as humanitarians in boats and helicopters continue to struggle to get thousands of residents to leave their homes in unsafe areas for higher ground.

"There are times I want to physically remove them or handcuff them just so they will be saved, but what can I do?" Ramos told the source. "They will accuse me of violating their human rights. The dilemma for me, however, is that the government will be held accountable for whatever may happen to them in times of disasters."

Ramos told the news outlet that many refuse to leave because the nation has seen so many typhoons and floods in the past, that they believe they will be able to survive anything that comes their way. 
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