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Philippines' humanitarian aid cut by $1.2 million

About $1.2 million in humanitarian aid to the Philippines has been cut due to poor economic conditions throughout the world, according to a new report from the Phil Star.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Deputy Head of Delegation spoke about the decrease in humanitarian aid and what impact it has had on efforts in the country so far.

"The reduction in funding for humanitarian activities globally due to the world economic crisis has forced the ICRC to make some difficult choices in cuts to its budget recently. In the Philippines, we have had to reduce [about $1.2 million] from activities planned for later this year," said Sutter.

According to Sutter, some of the cutbacks have come in the form of reduced workshops, seminars and lower numbers of humanitarian law courses offered to personnel sent abroad.

The Philippines has a population of about 101.8 million people, according to the CIA, with a median age of 22.9 years. The country's population increase puts a huge strain on its poverty levels, despite growth in the economy.
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