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Polio vaccinations given by the thousands in the DRC

Polio vaccinations have been given out by the thousands to children all over the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in a UNICEF-led attempt to vaccinate at least a million children in the country, IRIN reports.

Humanitarians have been traveling to remote parts of the nation via motorbikes, boats and cars to ensure no child is left behind.

"No matter where the child lives, we must do our best to reach all boys and girls with the vaccine," Granga Daouda, head of UNICEF's vaccination programme in DRC, told the publication.

Aid workers heading the three-day campaign initiated by the government and UNICEF also administered vitamin A supplements and deworming medications to try and keep the kids of the country out of harm's way.

UNICEF stated that thousands of mobile vaccination teams were sent out to schools, markets, health centers, offices and door-to-door to try and give the vaccine to as many children as possible.

Since January 2011, 85 cases of polio were reported in the DRC, making it the highest in worldwide polio cases, according to the source.  
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