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President of Mozambique says national food security has improved

Food security in Mozambique has considerably improved over the past year, President Armando Guebuza said on Monday during his annual State of the Nation address to the Parliament.

Guebuza referenced the Green Revolution as being responsible for the progress, which was designed to aid in the transition to "an integrated, sustainable, competitive and prosperous agricultural sector that contributes to the economic growth of Mozambique by guaranteeing increased production and food security, an increase in productivity, and an increase in market-oriented production," reports.

He noted that about half the population can access clean drinking water and at least 400,000 households are currently receiving assistance to adapt to newly available technologies as more districts begin to use national electricity and irrigation techniques.

Flooding and rains in 2007 and 2008 presented Mozambique with its own food crisis, wherein 87,000 people were displaced and 876 square miles of crops were destroyed. About 660,000 people were in need of food assistance at that time, according to
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