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Professors write open letter to India

A group of academics have written an open letter addressing the leader of India, "Mrs Gandhi," according to a new report from

The group, which includes Dilip Abreu of Princeton University, Abhijit Banerjee of MIT and Rohini Pande of Harvard University, talks about the National Food Security Act, a legislative proposal in India.

"We believe it is appropriate that India pursues the goal of genuine food security for all through a law that guarantees a minimum transfer to every adult except a small subset of the most affluent who are easy to identify," said the open letter.

The letter also warns against public distribution system (PDS) corruption. The group is hoping that the Indian government will consider deep changes in its PDS.

Both India's population and economy is set to exceed that of China's, according to multiple sources. Together, the two countries boast the greatest populations in the world and as population growths continue, food security issues will become more and more dire unless reforms take place immediately.
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