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Purdue University set to study food security

Four research groups at Purdue University will share $120,000 in grant money with one focus in mind: researching issues concerning food security, according to a recent report from JC

"Food security is a global challenge that has a direct impact locally, nationally and globally. Purdue's researchers are on the cutting edge of this vitally important issue," said Angela Phillips Diaz, the managing director of the institute.

The grant money will come from the Global Policy Research Institute at Purdue and each team will receive $30,000 in funding.

The projects will be lead by Professors Thomas Hertel, Klein Ileleji, Abdelfattah Nour, as well as Betty Bugusu, the managing director of the International Food Technology Center.

Hertel will focus on infrastructure building, Ileleji will look at mycotoxins, Bugusu's team will study agricultural supply chains and Nour's group - which is part of the veterinary school - will research animal health.

Food security is a challenge for developing and developed countries alike. There are people living in the U.S. who do not have food security - defined as knowing where one's next meal will come from. Growing populations in China and India also raise questions as to future global food security.
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