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Queensland floods not yet close to subsiding

Helicopters are continuing to provide food aid and medicine to Australians after an unprecedented amount of flooding submerged the Queensland region and killed 10 people. Officials are worried that it may be a matter of weeks before the waters subside.

According to the U.K.'s Guardian, Queensland's prime minister Anna Bligh announced on Monday that the flooding isn't likely to be over soon after the rising water closed off the last road leading into Rockhampton.

"Given the scale and size of this disaster, and the prospect that we will see water sitting potentially for a couple of weeks, we will have major issues to deal with throughout January," she told the news source.

The affected area is as large as France and Germany combined and is home to 200,000 people. At least 14 tons of food and supplies were brought to residents on Monday, according to the news source.

The Red Cross is waiting for nearly 1,000 people to arrive at its evacuation center this week, according to the New Zealand Herald.
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