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Refugees in South Sudan lack food security

As more people arrive in South Sudan's Unity State after fleeing Sudan's southern Kordofan State due to fighting, a lack of food security and housing is leaving many vulnerable, IRIN reports.

Violent air strikes in South Kordofan that began in July forced many from their homes and into the newly independent Unity. Since then, approximately 9,200 people have made the move for fear of more violence, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Since July, humanitarian groups have brought refugees 300 kilograms of emergency nutrition supplements, though it is still not enough.

"People entering the area are reported to be highly vulnerable, some having walked with children for two weeks," Siddartha Shrestha, the UNICEF South Sudan chief of communication, told the publication. "Increased levels of malnutrition are noted among new arrivals which require enhanced nutrition interventions."

The largest problem that humanitarian groups are having is getting food to those in need, as there are very limited ways of transporting the goods.

According to the news outlet, the only way to currently access the area is by flying to an air strip in a northern region. Aid workers then need to travel by quad bikes to get to the people. The bikes can only carry a limited amount of workers and supplies.
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