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Report finds millions miss out on education in the DRC

Education should be a rite of passage for children, but there are a number of nations that do not put as much emphasis on its importance, causing some people going through life without basic knowledge.

IRIN News reports that millions of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) miss out on basic education, despite the fact that the government made decision in 2010 to make basic education free to those who want it.

The report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs suggests that 25 percent of children who are of primary school age are missing out on education, while 60 percent of teenagers were not enrolled in a program.

"Even with the announcement of free primary education, parents, many of whom are unemployed and have little means of sustaining themselves, are bearing most of the costs involved in educating their children because of delays in releasing the funds for free education," Ornelie Lelo, communications officer for an education NGO in the capital, SOS Kinshasa, told IRIN.

The United Nations recently ranked the DRC in last place in terms of human development, along with Niger and Burundi. 
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