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Research looks into how climate change will affect the world's rivers

Many people continue to debate the value of the climate change theory, which most scientists suggest is the cause of severe weather and erratic rains. Now, a new report is zeroing in on how the phenomenon will affect the world's rivers.

According to IRIN News, the study is looking at 10 river basins in order to determine the potential effect on the water flows in rivers from present day until 2050. This is the first study of its kind, and researchers suggest that it conveys a very clear message.

"What we do know is that we cannot be confident about hydrological stability," Mark Mulligan, the study's lead author, told the news provider. "Some rivers could become wetter and then drier, or vice versa. The key message to countries is: 'Become more adaptable'."

The New England Aquarium reports that oceans have already seen the effects of climate change. Sea levels have been steadily rising while ice caps continue to melt, which could have an effect on the entire planet over time.
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