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Researchers suggest that there's more proof than not about humans' role in climate change

There have been talks of climate change for quite some time now, and researchers are trying to demonstrate how humans are playing a major role.

Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research is suggesting that those who are looking to disprove the notion that humans are not responsible for climate change should be faced with the burden of proof as evidence continues to grow.

"Humans are changing our climate. There is no doubt whatsoever," said Trenberth. "Questions remain as to the extent of our collective contribution, but it is clear that the effects are not small and have emerged from the noise of natural variability. So why does the science community continue to do attribution studies and assume that humans have no influence as a null hypothesis?"

One of the main concerns of climate change is that it could increase the potential for droughts, ultimately affecting the world's food supply. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a change in climate could make it harder to produce certain crops.
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