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Sanitary concerns in Madagascar worsen

Of Madagascar's 20 million people, one third don't have access to water for hygiene, while the rest share unsanitary toilet facilities, the World Bank Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP), told IRIN.

The threat for diarrhea outbreaks and other diseases could be a real issues in the upcoming months, especially in the poorest suburbs outside of the capital.

The lack of proper sewage disposal leads many to dump their waste into the rivers, which people then use to bathe and wash their clothes in, according to the news outlet.

The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) released a concerning report in April, claiming that there was a large rise in pneumonia plague spread by fleas carried on rodents, and linked the problem to bad sanitation. They found over 310 cases of the disease and 49 deaths linked to it by March of 2011.

In order to combat this growing problem, humanitarian groups like NGO Care International have started to build working toilets with a plumbing system in order to stop the overflow of waste in the rivers.
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