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School children taught how to handle an earthquake

Humanitarian groups hope educating schoolchildren in Nepal on what to do in case of an earthquake will keep them safe should one occur, IRIN reports.

According to the news outlet, the Nepal Red Cross Society has been setting up training programs throughout the country as a way to make a difference in the future. This education is crucial as Nepal has had nine major earthquakes almost every 75 years since 1255 AD. The last one, in 1934, killed thousands, according to the National Society for Earthquake Technology.

"Students feel empowered by this," Santa Ram Dulal, director of the Panchakanya Secondary School in Nepal’s Bhaktapur District and a Red Cross volunteer, told the news source. "They now have real life-saving skills - skills they can then take back to their homes and communities."

The students learn how to perform first aid, light search and rescue and other basic disaster management planning techniques that will come in handy should a earthquake happen.

"If there is a disaster, I can immediately help myself and those around me," 15-year-old Sabin Dulal told the news outlet. "Now I know I can make a difference."
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