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Severe rainfall in parts of Burundi leaves many homeless

Recent heavy rains have left residents in the region of Gatumba in Burundi without food security or adequate shelter, IRIN reports.


According to the news outlet, the recent downpours severely damaged more than 400 homes in Gatumba, which lies outside of the nation's capital, Bujumbura. Other affected areas include the towns of Kinyinya, Mushasha and Muyange.

During the storms, families in the region left their homes and took up shelter with neighbors whose homes were free of problems. Others are currently residing in local churches.

"It was raining so heavily [with strong winds] that we could not see where we were going," Josephine Ndabitezimana, a resident of Mushasha told the publication. "The only thing we thought of was saving our lives."

As the rain continues, many within the area are worried about how they will feed their families and where they are going to live once the weather turns.

"We are starving here, we left everything behind, we had flour at home but it is now completely lost," Marie Jeanne Fitina, who is currently staying at a local church with her seven children, told the news outlet. "All the food we had has been damaged, even our children are not going to school, their notebooks and uniforms are not usable anymore."

According to the publication, government officials and humanitarian groups are currently working together to come up with a plan to get aid to people in need as quickly as possible. 
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