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Somali government seeks international aid after years of drought

As over two years of drought has ravished the southern region of Somalia, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently made a heartfelt plea to international humanitarian organizations to bring their resources to the country before more residents are overcome by famine, IRIN reports.

“To save the lives of the people at risk – the vast majority of them women and children – we need approximately $1.6 billion in aid,” he said in an op-ed piece published in the Los Angeles Times.

“This means everyone. I appeal to all nations – both those who fund our work year-in and year-out, and those who do not traditionally give through the multinational system – to step up to the challenge," the Secretary-General added.

As the droughts continue, Ban said that UN agencies will be meeting in order to come up with a proper plan to bring aid to the country and the best way to raise funds. Initiating new techniques to deal with the food insecurity and the climate instability of the Horn region will also be discussed.

In July thus far over 20,000 people have had to flee their homes and have lived in inadequate camps in Somalia's capital, The UN Refugee Agency reports.

“If we are to save lives, we need to act now – to bring in massive quantities of medicines, vaccines, nutrition supplies into the region as quickly as we are able and then get them out to the children who need it most,” Shanelle Hall, the director of UNICEF’s supply division said in a press release.

Offering money for humanitarian organizations to put to use right away is the best way to help show your support for those in need.
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