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South Sudan's humanitarian situation is a great cause of concern

On July 9, Southern Sudan will become its own independent country. However, much of the nation is in turmoil as violence continues and humanitarian concerns are worsening, according to

The President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, has been waging a war in the area of Abyei. Both sides have met and signed a peace agreement. However, only time will tell if the truce between the Government of Sudan and the Sudanese People's Liberation Movement will be effected.

U.S. President Obama has spoken out about the crisis in the country.

"The United States condemns all acts of violence, in particular the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) aerial bombardment of civilians and harassment and intimidation of United Nations peacekeepers," said Obama.

Humanitarian aid workers continue to struggle to reach those in need of care. Many Sudanese people have been forced to fled. Displaced people are camping in tents due to fighting in the region of Southern Kordofan.
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