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Struggles continue for women farmers in Bangladesh

The number of female farmers in Bangladesh is on the rise, though they lack access to fertilizer, government assistance and other goods because the land is titled to their husbands, IRIN reports.

Close to half of all farmers in the nation are now women as more men have abandoned the pastoral lifestyle to look for jobs in the cities or abroad, leaving their wives to tend to the crops, according to the news source.

However, to be eligible for government funding to get supplies for their farms like diesel fuel and mulch, farmers need to have an Agriculture Input Assistance Card (AIAC) which shows proof of land ownership, which many women can't get as the land is in their husbands' names.

Without the cards, women farmers must work that much harder to provide food security and an income for their families.

"It is our understanding there are millions of women who have not received AIAC simply because their land is registered under the name of their male partners who left the country while these women work in the field," Sharmind Neelormi, an associate economics professor at Jahangir Nagar University in Dhaka told the publication. "It's a humiliation for millions of women who are relentlessly working for food production in the country."

Since the outcries, the Ministry of Agriculture has temporarily stopped issuing new cards, though they must still be present to receive subsidies.
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