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Syrian Humanitarian Campaign launched to help those displaced by violence

A humanitarian campaign to aid Syria has begun, supported by the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) organization, which is a highly-ranked nonprofit group according to the Charity Navigator.

According to the IRUSA's official website, about 50 percent of the people of Akkar, Lebanon - where the Syrian refugees have moved to - live below the poverty line. The area is already poor and now seeing an upsurge in its population. The IRUSA reports that 60 to 70 percent of the residents of Akkar do not have health insurance.

"Arriving in this environment with only the clothes on their backs, most Syrian refugees have to fend for themselves, struggling to find food and shelter," said the Islamic Relief USA. "Supplies provided by Lebanese relief organizations are already running short amid the increasing numbers of refugees crossing the border area."

The fighting in Syria has also made it impossible for the people of Akkar to find work in Syria, something that they used to do.

Donations are being accepted through the IRUSA official website and there is a Middle East Humanitarian Crisis fund set up to raise as much money as possible to help the people of Syria and Lebanon. 
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