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Technological cooperation important for disaster relief

Discussions and meetings were held concerning food security at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in the U.S., now in its 17th year, according to a new report from Bangkok Post.

Many of the discussions centered around countries that were hit by natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Japan, as well as in China and New Zealand. The other main point of discussion concerned food security throughout the world.

According to an official from Thailand, technological cooperation is key to helping a country recover after a natural disaster.

''We think cooperation should be sought in technology. For example, sensors for helping members in terms of prevention. We should cooperate to prepare a work plan to manage the risks of tsunami and earthquake. As we are aiming for economic integration of 21 members. Food trade should have a free flow but this is quite a controversial issue," said Pimchanok Vonkhorporn, the executive director of the Bureau of Multilateral Trade Negotiations at the Thai Commerce Ministry.

The March 11 earthquake in Japan killed thousands of people and displaced thousands of others. The country is still in the process of recovery from the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the largest in recent history for Japan.
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