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The UN looks at environmental risks as world population grows

As the world recently hit the 7 billionth person mark, there are still a wide number of areas around the globe not receiving aid for their residents.

The Associated Press reports that wealthy nations are still not doing enough to help the poor. Malnutrition and disease, exacerbated by climate change, are current and growing problems. The United Nations Development Program said in a report that pledges made by the G-8, the European Union, and the UN have not been fulfilled.

"Sustainability is not exclusively or even primarily an environmental issue," UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said in the report's introduction. "It is fundamentally about how we choose to live our lives, with an awareness that everything we do has consequences for the seven billions of us here today, as well as for the billions more who will follow."

The report found that while aid increased by 23 percent between 2005 and 2009, it was still not enough to help those suffering.

According to the Guardian, the UN is suggesting that if something is not done to aid the poor as environmental risks increase, it could hinder human development.
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