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U.K. donates 40 million pounds in aid to Sudan

As tensions in Sudan continue to rise due to the highly-anticipated referendum vote slated to take place on January 9, the need for humanitarian aid is increasing, prompting the British government to donate 40 million pounds worth of aid to the troubled region.

The money will go toward the U.N.'s Common Humanitarian Fund and will aid in providing clean water and sanitation, emergency food supplies, healthcare and education to the many affected southerners and refugees currently seeking asylum. The U.K. has an additional 15 million pounds reserved for a "rapid response" situation in case conditions worsen, Sky News reports.

"As the referendum approaches, we're working for the best outcome from the peace process, but we have to plan for the worst. That is why we are preparing for a humanitarian response in a prudent and sensible way," international development secretary Andrew Mitchell told the news source.

The money will be able to help 50,000 malnourished children as well as provide clean drinking water to 1.5 million, emergency healthcare to 2 million and provide seeds and tools for crops, according to the news source.

The U.N. estimates that over 92,000 people of southern Sudanese origin have returned to the region since October.
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