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U.K. scientists developing eco-friendly pesticides

Scientists at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham, Wales, are working on developing an eco-friendly insect spray that uses pheromones to stop pests from mating and laying eggs.

BBC News reports that the pesticide would employ a synthetic pheromone to disrupt the insect's reproductive behavior. If successful, the spray would be species-specific and harmless to other lifeforms. Scientists also intend to make the spray significantly cheaper than traditional pesticides.

"The development of a new pest control product is a challenge that we are very much looking forward to tackling, as it will prove beneficial for local industry," a spokesperson told the news source.

Proper pesticide use can enhance food security by improving crop yields and maintaining satisfactory health standards for consumers, according to India's Business Standard. However, one traditional flaw in responsible pesticide use is that while some chemicals may be safe for humans, they're usually not good for the environment, reports.

The pesticide currently being developed in the U.K. aims to address both of these issues.
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