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U.N. appeals for Ivory Coast still not completely funded

The United Nations has appealed for humanitarian aid for the Ivory Coast, but so far, the funds are still incomplete, according to a new report from Media-Newsire.

"The crisis is far from over," said Philippe Conraud, Oxfam’s Regional Humanitarian Coordinator. "There is an urgent need to improve the conditions of displaced people in Liberia and Ivory Coast, and to support those returning home to rebuild their lives. Only with a significant increase in funding from the international community will these needs be met."

Another $120 million is needed in order to meet the amount that the U.N. asked for in assistance to the country. 

The people of the Ivory Coast are in dire need of food. In nearby Liberia, the situation is not much better, as aid is short by about $200 million.

The Ivory Coast has a population of 21.5 million, according to the CIA Factbook. The median age in the country is only 19.6 years.
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