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U.N. calls for more funds to aid Cyclone Giri victims

United Nations agencies called for additional funding to aid victims of Cyclone Giri in Myanmar, many of whom are still suffering from food insecurity, unemployment and inadequate shelter three months after the category 4 storm ravaged the region.

Emergency relief was available immediately following the disaster to provide basic needs such as food, shelter and healthcare. However, a recent assessment found that 100,000 people are still homeless or living with host families, and that many of the temporary shelters were inadequately constructed of plastic sheets and tarpaulins, the U.N. News Agency reports.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of 2010's overall rice production was damaged in the storm, straining the country's food security.

According to the news source, 20,000 homes were destroyed as well as more than half of the country's schools. Nearly 18,000 acres of agricultural land was damaged by the cyclone, and overall, 260,000 people were affected in some way.

Myanmar typically enjoys a food surplus, though some of its marginalized residents experience inadequate access to food, a gap that the World Food Programme specifically aims to close by employing food-for-work programs.
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