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U.N. supplies only 52% of aid for Palestinians in 2010

The United Nations has reported that the amount of money it donated to humanitarian projects the West Bank and Gaza only reached 52% of the target mark last year, according to The Jerusalem Post.

UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territories Maxwell Gaylard attributes much of the lack of funding to the global economic crisis and natural disasters in Haiti and Pakistan. According to Gaylard's office, Palestinian-held territories were the sixth most-underfunded initiative in 2010 and the money raised has decreased incrementally since 2008.

Gaylard admits that one of the most-challenging obstacles standing in the way of aid for the region is that the situation is man-made and could be alleviated if the peace talks between Israel and Palestine would resume.

"The situation can only be resolved through a political solution that would bring peace and prosperity to the region," Gaylard told the news source.

According to the Palestine Media Center, approximately one in three refugees worldwide is Palestinian. 
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