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U.S. donates $26 million to Libyan humanitarian efforts

The United States has pledged $26 million in humanitarian aid for victims of the violence in Libya, according to a new report from CNN. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the plans to give humanitarian assistance to the war-torn country, where Moammar Gadhafi refuses to give up power.

Italy as well as Kuwait have also offered assistance to the tune of $580 million and $180 million, respectively. Italy's sum will be given to the Transitional National Council, the opposing party trying to topple Gadhafi, while Kuwait's donation will be for humanitarian assistance.

In regards to the continuing violence in Libya, Clinton offered optimistic words.

"Time is on our side, but we know we must sustain the pressure," said Secretary Clinton. "Gadhafi's isolation is growing, as evidenced by the increasing number of calls for his departure. ...The violence must stop. Gadhafi must go."

According to a separate report from Voice of America, the United Nations is putting forth allegations of war crimes conducted by the Libyan government. The U.N. is insisting that Libya has committed international humanitarian law violations.
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