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UN calls for aid to sexual violence victims in Sierra Leone

The United Nations recently reported troubling information from Sierra Leone, urging the country's public officials to aid in protecting residents against sexual violence. The organization also called for greater support for survivors who had been violated.

The West African country saw significant acts of sexual violence during a decade-long conflict during the 1990s. UN officials are suggesting that victims of these acts need assistance in order to function normally in society.

"I call on all people in positions of influence in Sierra Leone to speak up against the use of sexual violence as a tool of political intimidation and to do their utmost to put in place measures to prevent sexual violence from being employed to this effect," Margot Wallström, the secretary-general's special representative on sexual violence in conflict, told the organization's news source.

Wallström continued that while she realized that the country's government may not want to dwell on its checkered past, she pushed that these humanitarian crimes should not be forgotten by those who have the power to help.
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