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Victims of Pakistan's 2005 earthquake still in need

Victims of the earthquake that struck Pakistan in 2005 are still suffering and in need of aid, according to IRIN. Many were physically paralyzed during the catastrophe and are still recovering.

"Most of those paralyzed in the quake were women and children, since they were mainly in their homes while the men were at work when the calamity struck in the morning," Zahoor Uddin of the Islamabad-based Hashoo Foundation NGO told IRIN.

"Some 700 people suffered spinal cord injuries. We are supporting 33 women and children who most need help," Uddin added.

Together with the North-American based Spinal Cord Injury Project for Pakistan Earthquake Rehabilitation, Uddin said they hope to raise more money and awareness for the cause.

One child, Muhammad Kaleem, was eight when the earthquake occurred while he was at school. He was one of two survivors and is now in a wheelchair.

“Because of the mountainous terrain here and the fact that the school is located a distance away, Kaleem cannot get there since he is in a wheelchair. Someone must come here to tutor him. He says he wants to be a teacher when he grows up,” Kaleem’s older brother, Muhammad Khalid, told IRIN.

Hope has come for him by way of donation from a school in Los Angeles, so he now he has a tutor come to him so he can continue his studies. With more awareness, the group hopes to see similar results in the future.
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