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Violence makes food security increasingly difficult in Horn of Africa

Bringing aid to malnourished people in Kenya and Somalia has become more challenging as key points between the countries have been facing random attacks of violence, IRIN reports.

Mandera, Kenya has been a central location for aid workers to deliver goods to those in need. However, this area is prone to attacks by the Al-Shabab militia who most recently used a mobile phone to set off an explosion in the town that killed a Kenyan police officer, according to the news source. Although the area has been taken back by authorities, many tell IRIN that they're still fearful of future attacks.

"We expect the attacks by the militia to increase," a humanitarian worker told the news outlet. The continued outbursts have forced aid workers to travel with armed escorts at all times and many are fearful to even travel to Mandera, which has been disheartening for workers, the news source reports.

"With the attacks this week, I am now reluctant to go out into the field; I don’t think this is good for the morale of any aid worker, local or international," an aid worker told the news outlet.

Although the conflicts continue to haunt humanitarian workers and citizens, supplying the malnourished people with food and water is key to combating the droughts, so extra protection and new security plans have been in the works to ensure people in the region continue to get the help they need.
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