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WFP agrees to fund $77 million for Yemen's food security

The United Nation's World Food Programme (WFP) signed an agreement on Monday for a $77 million food security initiative aimed at improving Yemen's food security.

Entitled the Emergency Food Security and Nutrition Support to the Vulnerable Population in Yemen, the initiative is a response to findings in 2010 by a WFP Comprehensive Food Security Survey which revealed that over 7 million people in Yemen counted as food insecure, the Yemen Observer reports.

According to the Yemen News Agency, the majority of the aid will go toward the most vulnerable 1.8 million people experiencing food insecurity in Yemen, including 682,000 children and 88,000 pregnant and breast-feeding women.

"We are buying time and testing new possibilities in deploying this food safety net. This operation is expected to address this peak in high food prices while developmental partners expand existing safety nets," WFP country director Gian Carlo Cirri told the Observer.

According to the FAO, authorities in Yemen have previously called for the implementation of a national food security program and have been working on setting up the framework for the project.
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