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Water loss in Egypt poses threats for the future

Growing problems in Egypt are threatening the availability of water, IRIN reports. The issues include leaking water pipes, evaporation and a constantly growing population.

Currently, Egypt has a population of 85 million and the people receive an annual Nile water share of 55.5 billion cubic meters, according to the source. Approximately 85 percent of the water is put towards agriculture, though much of it actually goes to waste as poor water systems allow for massive amounts of leaking.

A 2007 report from Fathi Farag, an independent water expert, found that Egypt loses nearly two billion cubic meters of its water supply due to evaporation, while about 2.3 billion cubic meters of the water used to support residents and businesses is lost because of leaking pipes.

"If you calculate all this amount of lost water, you will discover that Egyptians are left with a fraction of what their country receives every year from the Nile," Farag told the publication. "This can also show why we should start to worry."

The Nile continues to be used by neighboring countries, leading Farag and humanitarian groups to worry that if Egypt doesn't repair leaks or come up with a new water sytem all together, then they may be faced with a water crisis and a food crisis down the line. 
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