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Women and children are the bigger victims of Somalia famine

The famine currently going on in south-central Somalia has drastically impacted the citizens. However, a recent article from the Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) is reporting that women and children could be suffering from hunger the most.

The news provider found that in the country's capital, Mogadishu, the majority of people suffering from the famine are women and children, because the men are choosing to stay in place.

"The situation is such that most of those reaching Mogadishu are mainly women and children because most of the men have remained in the Al-Shabab-held areas since they fear being arrested by government forces for allegedly being pro-Al Shabab," Su'di Mohamed Ali, director of administration and finance in the Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs, told the news provider.

According to Bloomberg, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced that the U.S. is contributing $17 million to the area in an effort to prevent more deaths from occurring as a result of the famine. Clinton also noted that women and children were the majority of the victims.
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