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World Bank irrigation program brings eco-stability to India

Villagers and farmers in the Kancheepuram district of India are some of the most recent recipients of the World Bank's Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Bodies Restoration and Management (IAMWARM) project, according to The Times of India.

"The idea is to educate farmers mainly near river basins on effective use of water and modern methods in irrigation," assistant director of agriculture for the district R Venkatasubramanian told the news source.

One aim of the program is to take advantage of the large rivers that run like an artery through the center of India in order to improve the population's agricultural output. Aside from lessons in irrigation, the program provides seeds, bio-fertilizers, micro-nutrients and other products that leave less of an environmental impact.

Yet the chief goal of the project is to cut down on the waste water that is produced from paddy farming which is predominant throughout India. Along with cutting down on excess water, the hope is to educate farmers on green techniques to produce more food and lessen their eco-footprint.

According to the Global Hunger Index 2008, India is home to the world's largest food insecure population in the world. 
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