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Yemen's troubles stop international funding

As multiple crises continue to plague Yemen, humanitarian groups fear the country is on the path of disaster. Most recently, investors have backed out as turmoil rises, IRIN reports.

According to the source, Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world and is currently dealing with a rebel movement in the north, a secession movement in the south, the presence of al-Qaeda forces and a recent violent outburst during pro-democracy protests. Along with such heated issues, the nation is also facing a fuel crisis and increased food prices that could cause food security issues.

With such elaborate problems going on throughout the country, getting humanitarian aid to the people has also grown increasingly difficult - mainly because donors aren't giving monetary aid to the aid groups.

"While donors have pledged billions of dollars to help Tunisia, Egypt and Libya rebuild their economies and meet humanitarian needs, the plight of people living in the poorest country in the region is being forgotten by the international community," said Oxfam International representatives to the news source.

The World Bank most recently froze its half-billion dollar aid program after butting heads with security and governmental clearance.

Even though issues are brewing, there are still thousands going hungry without the funding. 
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