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Latest Global Issues & Climate Change News Articles

Educating Girls Will End Poverty in the Sahel

Aug 22, 2012: Educating girls is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Sahel.

Hungry Planet: A RIO+20 Special Report

Jun 21, 2012: This video from the United Nations webcast illustrates the many issues to be addressed during RIO+20 summit.

Rio+20 Summit Begins

Jun 21, 2012: Rio+ 20 Summit focus on two specific themes: a green economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development, and an institutional framework for sustainable development.

UN suggests 2011 is the world's 10th warmest year

Nov 29, 2011: Many people have felt as though this year has been unseasonably warm, and they're right.

Research looks into how climate change will affect the world's rivers

Nov 14, 2011: Many people continue to debate the value of the climate change theory, which most scientists suggest is the cause of severe weather and erratic rains.

Researchers suggest that there's more proof than not about humans' role in climate change

Nov 3, 2011: There have been talks of climate change for quite some time now, and researchers are trying to demonstrate how humans are playing a major role.

The UN looks at environmental risks as world population grows

Nov 2, 2011: As the world recently hit the 7 billionth person mark, there are still a wide number of areas around the globe not receiving aid for their residents.

Climate changes could impact farming in Rural Cambodia

Sep 21, 2011: Impending climate change in Cambodia have caused new struggles for those in rural areas, IRIN reports.

Kenyan herders heavily affected by continued drought

Jul 29, 2011: Conflicts between pastoralists in Turkana, Kenya, have become more heated as the droughts rage on, IRIN reports. Those who are fighting to sustain their livestock and their livelihoods are finding scarce resources.

Somali government seeks international aid after years of drought

Jul 25, 2011: As over two years of drought has ravished the southern region of Somalia, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recently made a heartfelt plea to international humanitarian organizations for help, IRIN reports.

People of Pakistan prep for Monsoon season

Jul 22, 2011: Devastating flooding last year in Pakistan's northwestern province of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa left many residents feeling the need to take extra precautions as this years monsoon season begins, IRIN reports.

More predicted droughts bring fear to Ethiopians

Jul 21, 2011: Borena, Ethiopia has seen an overwhelming number of droughts in recent months with no end in sight. As the village elders are predicting more lack of rain in October, many are growing worried and contemplating where to go from here, according to IRIN.

Number of child soldiers continues to rise in Yemen

Jul 21, 2011: The drive for more government-aligned and defecting units of the military has continued to grow since protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh began in February. Many of those recruited have been adolescents, IRIN reports.

Guatemala faces climate change and food insecurity

Jun 3, 2011: Guatemala is located in an area prone to earthquakes and hurricanes, according to a new report from the Guardian.

EU accused of "sleepwalking" amid food insecurity problems

Jun 3, 2011: Oxfam, the U.K. charity organization, is accusing the European Union of great neglect when it comes to global food security problems, according to a new report from Reuters.
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